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Centre for Research on Social Inclusion


The Centre for Research on Social Inclusion is an interdisciplinary group of researchers from disciplines such as Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Business and Economics, Education and Human Geography. We also include members from across the university from areas such as demography and even finance.

We undertake social, cultural and philosophical research into contemporary social justice issues. Broadly defined, this includes research into the social, cultural, economic, and political determinations of inclusion and exclusion, particularly in the context of globalisation. Issues such as race, ethnicity, class, gender, age, place, and globalisation are explored from a variety of disciplinary and methodological perspectives

The Centre for Research on Social Inclusion ceased operations in April 2012. The website has been retained so that resources on it remain publicly accessible. For information relating to the centre or research formerly conducted under its banner, please contact associate professor Amanda Wise via email