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Centre for Research on Social Inclusion

"Concepts of Social Inclusion" workshop series

Date:   Thursday 18 November
Time:   11.30-1pm
Venue:   C5C 498


Prof Debbie Rose and Dr Matt Chrulew will be talking about "Ontologies of inclusion". A/Prof Michael Fine will be talking about "Social inclusion as a rationale for social policy".

Please contact Dr Jean-Philippe Deranty if you would like to give a paper. Cluster directors and CRSI researchers are warmly invited to contribute.

Below is the schedule of workshops with links to the paper presentations. Please take notice of the different booking times and venues.

26 August
1-2pm C5C 498

Marion Maddox
"Social inclusion and hospitality"

16 September
12.30-1pm Senate Room

JP Deranty
"Social inclusion as recognition?"

21 October
1pm-2.30pm C5C 498

Ellie Vasta
"'Solidarity and social inclusion'"

Robyn Dowling
"Place, mobility and inclusion"

18 November
11.30-1pm C5C 498

Debbie Rose/Matt Chrulew
"Ontologies of inclusion"

Michael Fine
"Social inclusion as a rationale for social policy"

16 December
12-1.30pm C5C 498

Bob Fagan
"Social inclusion and food security"

Heikki Ikaheimo
"The social inclusion of people with disabilities"

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