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Title:  A/Prof Marion Maddox Interviewed on ABC Radio
Date:  11 September 2011 - 13 September 2011

A/Prof Marion Maddox was interviewed by Rachel Kohn for ABC Radio National's special 'God After Ground Zero' broadcast on Sunday 11 September 2011, and rebroadcast on Tuesday 13 September.

Title:  Autism rates skyrocket in state schools
Date:  29 May 2011

Dr Linda Graham was quoted in the Sunday Telegraph regarding the rising number of autistic students at NSW public schools, which may have been triggered by doctors misdiagnosing children to secure extra funding.

Title:  Does religion unite or divide us?' The Question Sydney Morning Herald and Age opinion sections
Date:  23 April 2011

A/Prof Marion Maddox, CRSI Director, was featured in The Question Sydney Morning Herald and The Age opinion section. The article contains her response to the issue of whether religion unites or divides people.

Title:  What ageing crisis?
Date:  31 January 2011

Dr Ben Spies-Butcher was interviewed on ABC's Life Matters program, where he argued that there is no ageing population crisis in Australia.

Title:  Population ageing: crisis? What crisis?
Date:  28 January 2011

Dr Ben Spies-Butcher's article titled "Population ageing: crisis? What crisis?," appeared on Crikey. In this article, Dr Spies-Butcher discussed the issue of population ageing as it relates to the economy.

Title:  Accounting for the real costs of population ageing
Date:  21 January 2011

An article written by Dr Ben Spies-Butcher appeared on the ABC Drum site. Titled "Accounting for the real costs of population ageing," Dr Spies-Butcher discussed how policies that minimise government spending actually increase the cost to the budget and to society

Title:  The impact of religion in Australian politic
Date:  26 December 2010

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted CRSI Director A/Prof Marion Maddox regarding her views on the impact of religion in Australian politics. Dr Maddox explained how the public sees religion and politics as operating on different planes.  

Title:  Macquarie Park Youth Photo Voice Exhibition
Date:  8 September 2010 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Local newspaper, The Weekly Times, has featured the Photo Voice art exhibition arising out of a Linkage Stage One project led by three CRSI researchers, Dr Gillian Vogl, Dr Lorraine Gibson and Dr Rochelle Spencer.

Title:  Children 'wrongly diagnosed'
Date:  22 August 2010

Dr Linda Graham was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald's article by Steve Dow titled 'Children 'wrongly diagnosed''. Dr Graham shared her research findings about behavioural disorder diagnoses.

Title:  Special schools a fast track to prison
Date:  18 August 2010

The work of Dr Linda Graham was featured in the article by Justine Ferrari titled 'Special Schools a Fast Track to Prison' on page 3 of The Australian. Dr Graham raised the question of whether behaviour schools "precipitate movement down a school-to-prison pipeline".

35 items available.