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Centre for Research on Social Inclusion


Harar Hyenas - Marcus Baynes-Rock

Harar Hyenas
Photo: Marcus Baynes-Rock

The Centre has an active research partnerships program, ranging from small-scale community linked research projects to large scale commissioned research.

We work with a range of external partners including local, state, and federal government, local and national NGOs, community groups, ethnic and migrant organisations as well as industry.

We also provide advice to a range of groups and organisations, and sit on a number of advisory committees and reference groups.

We welcome enquiries from groups wishing to undertake research, however small or large the project. If you would like to discuss how the centre might help, please contact Dr Amanda Wise.

Recent and Current Research Partners

  • Commonwealth Department of Family, Community Services, & Indigenous Affairs
  • Alzheimer's Australia (NSW Division)
  • Colmar Brunton
  • Ashfield Council
  • City of Ryde
  • Griffith City Council
  • Benevolent Society
  • NSW Department of Housing
  • Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WESROC)
  • Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
  • Red Cross

Funding Research Partnerships

  1. Commissioned Research projects. These are projects directly funded by the external research partner. Commissioned research can range from a one off small scale project to a large scale commission. Projects range from about $5000 to $200,000.

  2. Consultancies. Staff and members of CRSI can be engaged on a one off or continuing basis to consult on issues within their area of expertise. Consultancy fees start at $400 per day.

  3. The Macquarie University External Collaborative Grants Scheme. This is a 'funds matching' scheme where partner cash contribution is directly matched by Macquarie University. Its purpose is to get a research partnership off the ground, through pilot research, with a view to working toward an ARC Linkage application.

  4. Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant. This federal government program is a competitive 'funds matching' scheme where an external organisation (such as a government department or community group) partners with university researchers. The non-university partner provides a cash and in-kind contribution, which is matched by the ARC. It is a very cost effective way to leverage a relatively small cash contribution to develop research. As an example; a $20,000 cash contribution could potentially attract $100,000 in ARC funding.

  5. ARC Australian Postgraduate Award, Industry. This is a sub-set of the ARC Linkage program, where a relatively modest $5000 cash contribution per year over three years from the external partner will be matched to fund a full time PhD student to work exclusively on their research project.