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Centre for Research on Social Inclusion

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Recognition and Work International Conference 2007:
Talk/Q&A Work in Societies of Strangers
John Rundell
Talk/Q&A The Role of Work within the Processes of Recognition in Hegel's Idealism
Paul Redding
Discussion Round Table
Axel Honneth, Beate Roessler, Emmanuel Renault, Christophe Dejours
Talk/Q&A Work and Recognition. A Redefinition
Axel Honneth
Talk/Q&A Regulation Theory and the Struggle for Recognition: Notes on Neoconservatism and Integration Crisis
Geoff Boucher
Talk/Q&A Recognition Theory and Heterodox Labour Economics: Points Of Contact
Craig MacMillan
Talk/Q&A After the end of work - recognising the role of work in contemporary societies
Shaun Wilson
Talk/Q&A The Political Invisibility of Work
Emmanuel Renault
Talk/Q&A For a Critical Conception of Work
Christophe Dejours
Talk What is work? Key lessons from the French psychology of work
Jean-Philippe Deranty
Talk/Q&A Three Normative Models of Work
Nicholas Smith
Concepts of Social Inclusion Workshop Series 2006:
Talk "Social inclusion and hospitality"
Marion Maddox
Talk "Solidarity and social inclusion"
Ellie Vasta
Talk "Place, mobility and inclusion"
Robyn Dowling