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Centre for Research on Social Inclusion

Research clusters

Ashfield - Amanda Wise

Photo: Amanda Wise

Members are invited to submit proposals for clusters in their area of interest by emailing the Centre Manager. For information about the criteria for setting up click

Critical Theory

  • History and contemporary relevance of critical social theory
  • The experience of injustice and struggles for recognition
  • The relation between cultural and economic orders
  • Liberal democracy and the public sphere
  • The future of social hope
  • Social Movements
  • Recognition and justice in the workplace

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Development and Community Capacity Building

  • Intersection of community development theory and practice
  • Critical evaluation of 'capacity building', 'social capital', 'empowerment' and other concepts
  • Capacity building/community development and community formation
  • Civic participation
  • Participatory social policy

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Inclusion and Exclusion in Urban and Regional Spaces

  • The role of place and geographical scale in social inclusion/exclusion
  • Social inequality in Australian cities and restructuring industrial regions
  • The formation and dissolution of community ties (especially around ethnicity, class, place, work) in contemporary global cities
  • Urban food security: community capacity-building in local food programs of community sector organisations
  • Geographies of resistance to globalisation focused on local alternative food networks
  • Dynamics of local labour markets in urban and regional spaces with a particular focus on Greater Western Sydney.

Migration, Multiculturalism and Nation

  • Migrants, migration and transnational communities
  • Refugees and the politics and experience of asylum
  • Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism
  • Intercultural relations within multi-ethnic societies and across borders
  • Racism and social exclusion
  • Policing and representing nations and borders, ethnicities and identities

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Religion and Social Inclusion

  • Details soon

Welfare, Care and Social Policy

  • Care and Care giving
  • Social aspects of ageing
  • Formal and informal care
  • Social policy in the areas of health, age, disability, care, social capital, and welfare

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Animals and Society Working Group

  • extinction, rewilding and rescue;
  • zoos, biopolitics and resurrections;
  • city wildlife, urban conservation and conviviality;
  • devotion, friendship, co-existence and companionship;
  • ethics, connectivities, multispecies stories

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In addition to the wide variety of research produced by our researchers, the Centre also undertakes commissioned research and has active research partnerships with the community and government sector. The Centre for Research on Social Inclusion is committed to disseminating the results of its research through publication and community outreach.