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Centre for Research on Social Inclusion

Animals and Society Working Group

The members of the 'Animals and Society' Working Group carry out research involving humans and other animals in time, in place, and in the human imagination. Our research questions range widely across issues of extinction, conservation and rescue; zoos, biopolitics and resurrections; cities, wildlife and urban planning; devotion, friendship, co-existence, and companionship. Our disciplinary perspectives include history, literature, philosophy, cultural studies, human geography, law, anthropology, sociology, and religious studies. We are are committed both to promoting more convivial relationships between humans and other animals, and to making Macquarie University a national centre for research in this important and growing field.  We are the most recent group to join the set of research clusters based in the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion.

Recent events

'The History, Philosophy and Future of Ethology', an international collaborative workshop organised by Matt Chrulew, with funding from the International Science Linkages - Humanities and Creative Arts Programme and with support from CRSI. (19-21 February 2011, Macquarie University)

Professor Marc Bekoff, leading ethologist and activist, offered a public lecture launched the working group. Lecture title: 'Animals, People, and Earth: Compassion and the Ethics of Inclusion' (3 December 2010, Macquarie University)

Masterclass with Professor Bekoff (3 December, 2010, Macquarie University)

' Indigenous People and Endangered Species: A forum on cultural survival, national parks, and multispecies conviviality', organised by Deborah Rose with funding from Academy of Social Science in Australia - International Science Linkages Bilateral Program and with support from CRSI (3 August, 2010 Macquarie University)

Continuing events

This group meets monthly to discuss readings across the range of areas of interest.