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Centre for Research on Social Inclusion

Development and Community Capacity Building

A van - Fatima Eldidi

A Van
Photo: Fatima Eldidi

This cluster brings together researchers interested in conceptions of, and critical questions of, capacity building from different disciplinary perspectives. Issues that intersect with notions of capacity building are explored including issue of development, aid, community, participation, active citizenship, civil society, volunteering and solidarity. This cluster provides a forum for researchers to make connections with one another's research and provide opportunities for cross fertilization of ideas.

The proposed program of readings will be underpinned by research questions around understanding: How capacity building sits in the conceptual/ideas landscape? Explore different disciplinary conceptions of capacity building? What does capacity building address and whose capacity to do what? What has worked and what has not and why?


Chino and DeBruyn
Building True Capacity: Indigenous Models for Indigenous Communities

David, A. Clark
The Capability Approach: Its Development, Critiques and Recent Advances

Aboriginal spirituality: Aboriginal philosophy, the basis of Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing

Sue Kenny
Tensions and Dilemmas in Community Development: new discourses, new Trojans?

Ruth Lawrence
Research on Strong Communities

Shauna MacKinnon
Building capacity through participatory action research: the state of the inner-city report project'
Martin Mowbray
Community capacity building or state opportunism?

NSW Health Department
A framework for Capacity Building to Improve Health

Martha C. Nussbaum
Capabilities as Fundamental Entitlements: Sen and Social Justice

Amartya Sen
Development as Freedom

Deborah J. Warr
Gender, Class, and the Art and Craft of Social Capital

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