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Centre for Research on Social Inclusion

Religion and Social Inclusion

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Translocal Identities in the Malay World; Travel, Commerce, Community Building and Religious Reform in Insular and Peninsular Southeast Asia

Chris Houston, J. Kahn and Dr. W. Mee (both from La Trobe University, Melbourne) - ARC Discovery Grants

Recent years have seen a tremendous growth of interest in the formation of global cultural and religious loyalities, in part because such loyalities have been seen to pose a threat to the integrity of nation states (as particularly for global Islamic loyalities), and in part because at least in some instances such 'translocalism' is seen as a possible 'cosmopolitan' corrective to xenophobia and ethnic chauvinism. This project focuses on the social, political and economic conditions which make translocal identity construction possible and its implications for inter-cultural and inter-religious interaction, association and conflict in what we call the modern "Malay World."

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