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Centre for Research on Social Inclusion

Welfare, Care and Social Policy

Members: Adam Stebbing, Benjamin Spies-Butcher, Michael Fine, Gabrielle Meagher (U Syd), Kylie Sait, Virginia Simpson-Young, Shaun Wilson. New members welcome.

Cluster activities: This semester, we will host a seminar on the Henry Tax Review soon after it is released by the federal government. The final form and content of the seminar will be announced here. A program of activities for the rest of the semester will be discussed at the first seminar. Click here for the PROGRAM OF SEMINARS Second Half 2010.

Research projects: Adam and Ben are working on several projects relevant to the cluster, covering the social and political dynamics of the 'green' welfare state and the political economy of superannuation. Shaun and Gabrielle continue to work on welfare reform and public opinion, and will soon start work on data analysis of a module of questions fielded in the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes 2009 on the subject of aged care.  Michael and Virginia continue to work on a number of projects relating to the social inclusion and care of older people.  The on-going Case Management Research Collaboration has produced a Report "Case Management in Community Aged Care: Mapping the Landscape in NSW". The Collaboration looks forward to further research in 2010 focussing on outcomes in community aged care.  Other projects include an exploration of social isolation amongst community care clients, and the contribution of participation in clubs and associations to older people's social inclusion. Kylie conducted the research for the ARC Linkage Project "Cultural Diversity, Community and Family Services: Experiences among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse parents of local early childhood services". The project report is available here. Based on this research, her PhD thesis (to be submitted in 2011) explores the ways in which parents with young children balance and negotiate care responsibilities.

Ben and Shaun are jointly convening this Cluster, and taking meeting responsibilities for CRSI in turns. Ben's email is and Shaun's email is New members are always welcome; please contact Ben or Shaun if you are interested in participating in the Welfare, Care and Social Policy Cluster.