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Centre for Research on Social Inclusion


Apply for your Australian Post-graduate Award (APA) and International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)

The Centre for Research on Social Inclusion (CRSI) at Macquarie University is an interdisciplinary Centre with researchers who conduct theoretical and practice-oriented research across the fields of Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Education, Human Geography, Law, Linguistics and Business and Economics.

CRSI is looking to invest in Australia's next generation of leading researchers by supporting domestic and international fellowships, please visit for further details. NB: Deadline for APA is June 30, 2011 and deadline for IPRS is August 31, 2011.

CRSI Research Program

CRSI's research program is currently organised through seven major research themes:

  • Migration, Multiculturalism and Nation
  • Religion and Social Inclusion
  • Welfare, Care and Social Policy
  • Critical Theory
  • Development and Community Capacity Building
  • Inclusion and Exclusion in Urban and Regional spaces
  • Ecological Humanities

CRSI Research and Researchers

The Centre for Research on Social Inclusion specialises in cutting- edge academic research on the themes of social, cultural, economic, and political determinations of inclusion and exclusion, particularly in the context of globalisation. Issues such as race, ethnicity, class, gender, age, religion, space and  place, equality, recognition, language, Indigenous Australians, social identities, geographies of resistance,  multiculturalism, ethnicities and nation, ethics, connectivities and  multispecies stories, work and labour markets and civic participation and many others are explored from a variety of disciplinary and methodological perspectives.

Academic staff currently working at the Centre including Cluster Leaders:

A/Professor Marion Maddox (Director)
A/Professor Ellie Vasta (Acting Director)
Professor Michael Fine (Associate Director)
A/Professor Robyn Dowling (Associate Director)
Professor Deborah Rose
Dr. Amanda Wise
Professor Richie Howitt
Professor Bob Fagan
Dr. Lorraine Gibson
Professor Jacqueline Hayden
Dr. Shaun Wilson
Dr. Ben Spies-Butcher
A/Professor Lynda Yates
A/Professor Jean-Philippe Deranty
Dr. Gillian Vogl
Dr. Linda Graham
Dr. Rochelle Spencer
Dr. Selveraj Velayutham

Expressions of Interest

CRSI will offer expert assistance and advice to APA and IPRS applications where these fit closely with one or more of aspects of its research program. To find out more about CRSI, how your work might fit with ours, and how we might help you, please check our website; and/or please contact:

Ellie Vasta (Acting Director):
Ashley Soytemiz (Centre Manager):